Why get a Massage?

Imagine the benefit of a therapeutic massage-one that adddresses your whole person. leaving you feeling refreshed and reconnected with yourself!

In the past, many people considered massage an expensive, indulgent luxury. However, massage is now being understood world wide as a powerful, natural healing method, and an integral part of good preventative health care. Virtually anybody can enjoy improved health from a good massage.

Unlike some treatments which take time before providing relief, massage can offer immediate results: clients often report greater relaxation, better concentration, improved circulation, a greater sense of well-being and a relief from pain immediately following their massage treatment.

Scientists, too, are recognizing the healing effect of massage on anxiety, depression, insomnia and immune function. One current study suggests that massage improves the body’s response to stress. With the help of a massage, the body may more easily return to its normal state (homeostasis) and repair the chemical imbalances caused by stress.